Dark X'Mas #07 Sock Puppet

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"My old house was just creepy. There are no other words to describe it. There are three occasions I'll tell you about.

"Situation 1: It's about midnight. The kids and I are woken up by noises in the basement. (Yes they were still sleeping in bed with my husband and I at that point) I tell my husband it sounds like someone is in the house and to go check it out. We continue to hear doors opening and closing, and it sounds like stuff is getting thrown around. We don't have guns... or a dog, or any way to defend ourselves against an intruder. So, I do what any grown woman would do and call my dad. He has 20+ years military experience and a hefty gun collection. So I have my husband sneak out of our room and unlock the door for my dad to come in. Then we all hide in my bedroom with the door locked. Anyway... as you may have figured, the house was completely empty and there was no sign anyone had even been in the house at all.

"Situation 2: Get home late after a long day at work. It's 2 am, and my husband is asleep on the couch and the kids are asleep in a pile of blankets on the floor next to him. So I decided to take a bath and relax and unwind before heading to bed myself. While I'm in the tub someone starts pounding on the door and wiggling the doorknob. I figure it's my 4-year-old freaking out because sometimes she sleepwalks when she has to pee, so I hop out of the tub so I can open the door and get her on the toilet before she has an accident. When I open the door no one is there. No one is in the hallway. I grab my towel and walk to the living room and everyone is still right where I left them. All still asleep.

"Situation 3. It's bedtime again. I am sitting in my bed talking to my daughter getting her ready for sleep. All of the sudden she starts crying hysterically and hiding in me. Was she hurt? What the hell was wrong? Does she need to go to the ER? I was worried and she wouldn't tell me what was wrong, but she was terrified of something. Finally, she looks up at me and says, "He's standing right there." and points to an empty corner. "Who is standing right there?" 'The man with no eyes...'"

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