Dark X'Mas #10 Lock the Door

#Storytime #Bonus
"Our house was broken into when I was a kid. We were on vacation at the time but came home immediately. I remember the house being a complete mess. My father owns a business and at the time had just upgraded his home office to new Windows 95 computers, and an office of the '90s was a gold mine for home thieves. The cops told us it was probably five or six pros, who promptly left when they heard on their police scanner that our new neighbours had called it in. None of us have ever felt that safety of a home. The most startling part was finding kitchen knives in all of our bedrooms. Knowing they had watched us for some time to know our schedule and finding weapons that the police confirmed were probably to be used if someone was home still keeps me up at night 20 years later."

Johnny Strange

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