Haunted House : Halloween Countdown - Day 25

Bonus Stories: 
This was a sort of string of several incidents that climaxed in one big thing that got us all sent home for the day. First, the school is pretty old, built during the British occupation, and actually contained secret exits and stuff. Certain parts of the school were permanently closed, which of course led to rumours among the students. My favourite was that a deformed kid lived there, forever shunned by the school.
Second, we all witnessed a shaken, crying janitor being escorted out by some of the teachers, who were trying to calm her down. We were all told she was ‘ill’, but the rumour was that she saw something she shouldn’t have seen in one of the stairwells near the locked area.
Third, the ever-popular toilet, where all the boys went to secretly have a smoke (it was a boys’ school). In the same week as the janitor’s breakdown, there was a huge gathering at the toilet and we saw teachers yelling at kids to get back to their classrooms. The toilet was then shut down. The rumour? One of the boys was taking a dump and when he came out of the cubicle, he saw several wet, long hairs plastered on the wall (think The Grudge).
The grand finale? Someone got possessed. One of the boys went into a frenzy and had to be held down. He was speaking in a very strange dialect, that was quite alien in the area, and strangest of all, in a woman’s voice. His parents and an ambulance had to be called. Sometime later, we were all told that we could leave for the day. More rumour – after we left, the school got a priest or medicine man to ‘cleanse’ the school.
I honestly have no time for these superstitions but I’m surrounded with them, so it can get interesting. Also, a day off school. Thanks, ghosts.

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