I'm a barbie girl

When my sister and I were young, my aunt took my sister to Disneyland and bought my sister an animatronic phone of Goofy sleeping in a recliner. When the phone rang, Goofy would raise his head up, open his eyes, and says something like "Hyuk hyuk, someone's calling!" and then snore, close his eyes, and dip his head.
My sister and I both had "finished" rooms in the unfinished basement of our house (my dad figured a cube of drywall sheets and a curtain for a door would be perfect rooms for two pubescent kids ((wtf dad))). Anyway, my sister kicked Goofy out of her room after a couple of weeks (go figure) and he sat, unplugged, on top of a dresser at the end of the hallway back to my room.
It never bothered me, I wasn't that excitable as a thirteen-year-old, so I ignored it. One night, I was walking back to go to bed and Goofy had his head up and eyes open, looking right at me. I realised halfway down the hallway and froze, staring at the Goofster. We sat there for a few seconds eyeing each other, and then Goofy lowered his head and closed his eyes. I tiptoed past him and went to bed, with little more than a "Huh, that was weird."
Like I said, wasn't super excitable as a kid. Lots of other goofy shit has happened in that house, but this story is a little more humorous.

Johnny Strange

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