Mommy, dying from fire hurts so much

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I have something to add. Since as long as I can remember, I've had vivid dreams about being a serial killer from the 1940s or 1950s. I lived in an old farm house in the middle of the woods secluded from everyone. I buried my victims (all women with medium length, jet black hair, and very pretty) on my property. There are at least 50 if not more. I've been dreaming about this guy since I can remember and the details never change. I don't have a name or location, but it bothers me enough that I tried searching and I don't think I was ever caught.
Sometimes I have moments where I genuinely "miss" my old life. In this life I wouldn't hurt a fly and have dedicated myself to helping people. Sometimes certain situations trigger feelings that are not really me, and I'm not sure where they come from. It's always the same type of girl, and always the same thoughts of how to disable her in order to get her back to my place. I've come to terms with it and pass it off as an intrusive thought, but I've never wanted to act on it in this life.
Also, when I met my fiancé for the first time we hugged and we both got the feeling that we had been here and done this before. We both have one clear memory of being married in a past life. Growing up he had been given a doll as a gift that had long hair and blue eyes and he named it my name. I have long hair and blue eyes. When I was growing up, I passed the street he grew up on a lot though we never met until I started college. I used to get such a longing feeling every time I would pass that street like something important was there, but I didn't know what. I never knew how to explain that.
Also, when my fiancé was four, his dad was having trouble putting a set of brakes together on a car. My fiancé came up to his dad and watched him for a few minutes, and proceeded to tell him in detail what he was doing wrong and the proper names of all the parts and tools he would need to finish the job.
That's a very real possibility. I think his first name might have been James and I know for certain he had a sister named Ann. Beyond that, that's all I've got to work with other than a broken-down farm house in a wooded area.

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