My Daily Walk

  1. This happened to me last night when I was walking my dogs.
  2. It might not be scary to some of you but I still got the chills when I think about it. 
  3. It was our usual late night walk on a long stretch of rocky path alongside a green field just behind our house. 
  4. My dogs were sniffing every inch of the stupid grass like they were some kind of crime scene investigator.
  5. *Sniffs, sniffs, licks...* "Aha! The culprit must've drunk some mountain dew."
  6. No Tobi, that's my piss. Does it really taste like mountain dew? 
  7. Anyway, we were halfway through our usual route when I felt a sudden dread. The best I could describe that feeling is when...
  8. Your mother in law is giving you the death glare while silently judging you from a distance. Yeah, that kind of feeling. Some of you might be able to relate.
  9. Then I noticed the usual sounds of crickets and other bugs chirping like they were having some unity concert to promote peace against all bugs or something...
  10. and some big ass toad croaking like they were protesting against the unity concert...*Bugs are food* were all gone. 
  11. Usually, it's like a party out there and it's very therapeutic especially after a long day of mind-numbing work...But tonight was completely silent..which is strange.
  12. The dogs stopped dead in its tracks, ears perked up and staring at the empty green field. 
  13. Now I've read too many of your stories to know that something must've spooked these little critters...
  14. It could be a big fat werewolf hiding behind the tall grass, waiting for a chance to pounce on me like I was a little deer taking my baby deers for a walk...It's a treat you know.
  15. Or some psycho who was a noble doctor by day and a fucking murderer by night...waiting for me to pass by so he could slit my fucking throat and BBQ my dogs.
  16. Well, whatever.....I'm not gonna stay to find out. So I yanked my dogs and ran the hell back home.
  17. They did not hesitate. As a matter of fact, they ran faster than me. So if something did come after us, I would most likely be the scapegoat. 
  18. We reached home in a matter of minutes, all 3 of us are panting like we've just run a freaking marathon. 
  19. The dogs were drowning their face in the water bowl while I was giving the stare and middle finger for leaving me behind. 
  20. Well, whatever... they could piss or shit wherever they want, I don't care as long as we're home and not out there.
  21. So the time is close to midnight and we were ready to go to bed, the dogs are cuddling below my bed getting all cozy and such while I got the whole queen size bed for myself. 
  22. I sleep like a starfish so I really need a lot of space. I like spreading my hands like I'm some kind of deranged angel
  23. while opening my legs and exposing my vulnerable balls. It's comfy. 
  24. I was half asleep when the sudden feeling of dread came back and I got the sudden urge to peek out the window. The dogs were snoring without a care in the world..
  25. I gathered my balls to peek out the window and there was a tall black figure standing across the street looking towards me. 
  26. It scared the shit out of me...I shut the curtains and hid under the blanket until morning. As you can guess, I could barely sleep..The dogs, however, slept through the night.
  27. I woke up the next morning feeling like shit. The dogs are barking at my face *As much as I hate it, they are my alarm clock*, the sun burning my eyes and my head feels like it's about to explode...
  28. I did my usual morning routine, grabbed my coffee and had a little chit-chat with my neighbour Mrs. Monroe.
  29. You see, Mrs. Monroe is like a sponge. She has the ability to absorb every juicy gossip in our neighbourhood. So if you gave her a little squeeze, she will spill the beans.
  30. I kinda treat it like my morning entertainment news. We were gossiping about how Mr. Wilson across the street had an intimate relationship with his mailbox and giggling like little girls...
  31. Until Mrs Monroe suddenly had a serious look on her face. She told me that she saw a dark figure across the street last night just standing there. It gave her the creeps so she immediately called the cops.
  32. But before they arrived, the figure was gone. She didn't think much of it as she thought she must be imagining things. For some reason, I didn't tell her I saw it too. Still got the chills when I'm typing this, just wanted to share this to you all.

Johnny Strange

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