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Okay. This happened to me when I was a junior in high school. It was December and it had just started snowing, that evening. My best friend and I were in debate and getting ready for our state qualifiers, that was the next day. We were writing our cases and as usual, at each others throats over the details of the cases. It was a stressful, tense evening. We finally finished our cases at about 3am. Then, we went to my room for the night.
Almost as soon as we get into my room, we hear what sounds like the water turning on in the other end of the house. No big deal, probably my parents, I think. Then, we hear the front door open. I told her, “I bet mom woke up and wanted some fresh air.” It made sense. I really thought that's what it was. Until we heard incredibly heavy footsteps in my living room, headed for my room. They were NOT anyone in my family’s footsteps. Then they stopped. My friend and I looked at each other and were both freaked out, just standing, frozen in my room. We walked closer to each other and the footsteps started again, but this time they were running toward us. We both flipped. We grabbed each others hands, out of fear, and my bedroom door flew open. We both looked at the door. Nobody was there. We ran to the bathroom that’s connected to my room. I closed/ locked the door and stood against it. When we finally got the balls to do it, we sprinted to my parents’ room, crying and hysterical. We obviously startled my parents awake. They said neither of them had gotten up. My dad grabbed his gun and looked outside. No tracks in the snow, anywhere around our house.
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