Nancy wants me to call her mama

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I met Michael on the beach in Pensacola, FL. I asked my mother if he could come home with us and she said he could. He rode next to me the entire way home and we talked in the back seat of the car. He was my imaginary friend from the time I was two until I started Kindergarten.
Michael was a kid, but was older than me, maybe six to eight but not older than 10. He had dark hair that was short. I think he wore red shorts. I remember that he came to me less frequently as I got older until he came to me one day to say goodbye completely. He said that he found his family and was going home.
I dreamed about him years later, playing on the beach in the sun, he turned and smiled and waved to me.
I don't know how common it is for people to remember their imaginary friends this vividly, or to dream about them later in life. I saw a psychiatrist as a teen who assured me this experience was all very normal, still something seems off about it to me."

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