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So, this is going on as we speak, but let’s take you back a couple of months to when this all started.

One nice warm day, end of August, early September I go outside and find this little ball of fur/feathers/hair and a dangling earring hooked in on my porch. Weird, I thought. I brought it up to my husband and said that there was some weird juju shit on our porch and it freaked me out. I was not touching it but it needed to go. He suggested that it was a nice gift from the tomcat next door, or something that our dog dragged home. My dog has never done that before, but hey, a way more logical reason than someone leaving weird juju shit on our porch. Cool.

Then last week, this fully intact lower mandible bone of a whitetail deer shows up on our porch in the exact same place as where the hair/feather/fur ball was placed. Again, I ask my husband about it and he says that the dog must have brought it with him. Again, something that he’s never done but logical. I still wasn’t going to touch it. The weird fur/feather/earring ball was still fresh in my mind and if someone was leaving weird shit on the porch I wasn’t going to touch it (thanks for taking that danger on, hon). It stayed on the porch for a while.

Yesterday, I was studying, facing my front door. Around lunchtime, my dog starts freaking out and I look up and there’s this older, disheveled looking lady (I think?) on our porch, who I had never seen before, walking toward our front door. She leaves something on the bench we have out there and turns around and walks away. After a beat, I get up to grab whatever pamphlet she left on our porch. Except, she didn’t leave a pamphlet. She came onto our porch. Took the lower mandible bone and moved it onto the bench. Right in the middle of two posts of the porch fence, right in line with a bright ray of sunshine. So, now I’m pretty convinced that there IS someone leaving weird shit on our porch and here’s hoping we’re not cursed!

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