Shitty Apartment

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Alright so this isn’t paranormal, there are no demons or ghosts or women with oranges in this. It’s just a really weird thing going on with a weird kid in my weird apartment building that has continued to freak me out to a ridiculous point. So, I live in this apartment complex in Pakrsville, British Columbia. It’s a small town on Vancouver Island. The building is fairly nice, mostly families and older people. I’m probably the youngest person living here on their own. So each floor has four apartments. Mine is in the back of the building, on the second floor. As the title suggests, this has to do with my peephole. I noticed pretty early on that the peepholes in this building were crazy wide angle. Like, when you look through it, you can see pretty much the entire floor. Call me paranoid, but anytime I go out to the kitchen to get a drink at night, I always look through the peephole. I always have anywhere I’ve lived with one. I dunno, I guess it makes me feel more aware of what’s going on — just in case there’s an evil ghost murderer with oranges waiting for me, I’ll have a heads up.
The people who live directly across from me is a middle aged guy and his wife. I’m not sure who lives next to me, but the apartment next to the middle aged guy is a woman and her little girl, I’m bad at judging ages, but I’d guess around 10 years old. So one night I look through my peephole, and to my surprise, the little girl is standing outside of her door. just standing there with her back to it, in a night gown type thing. I find it really weird considering it was about 2 AM, but there she was, just standing there. I half considered opening the door and asking if she was okay, but then she opened the door and went back into her apartment. After that I checked the peephole more frequently, and soon enough, a few days later the same thing. It was a little earlier, I think around 12:30, but she was just standing outside her door, plain as could be. She looked around a bit and then went back in.


The very next day, I look out my peephole, and she’s standing in front of my fucking door. Not like, up against it, she’s in the middle hall, but she’s FACING my door. It scared the shit out of me. So I’m just standing there watching this creepy little kid standing in front of my door at something like 2 in the morning. Then she went back to her apartment. She’s done this THREE more times now. Just standing there, facing my door, in the middle of the night. What the fuck? I’m too chicken shit to speak out and ask her anything, but seriously. Why is this little girl staring at my door in the middle of the night…?


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