Storytime by mindthemittelschmerz
One night I woke from sleep inexplicably. I decided to get up to have a drink of water and walked across the hall into the bathroom. Now, I should mention that my house had been built in the 1970s and there were many small mirrors, gold-flecked, throughout. The bathroom, however, had an entire wall of mirrors that you looked into as you sat to pee. Bleary-eyed I shuffled into the bathroom and sat down. Suddenly my skin turned to gooseflesh and I felt as though cold water had been poured down the back of my neck. I stood up, panicked, only to line my reflection up with a figure standing to face me. A figure that wasn't mine.
I tilted my head to the right and to the left. Our reflection did the same. It was me, but it wasn't me. She had shorter hair and lighter features. She wore blue pyjamas where I wore a long sleeping shirt. We regarded each and I lifted my hand slowly to wave. She smiled and faded out. I waited for an hour, sat on the bathroom floor, waiting for her to reappear. Finally, I crept back to bed but couldn't sleep.

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