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So my girlfriend and I at the time just rented an old house in Colorado, front/back yard and two stories for only $590 and in a good area, just too good to be true.
The first week we started getting really cold, occasionally we'd both get up and go upstairs because it was warmer. After a few weeks, we noticed strange sounds around the bedroom and hallway, and what felt someone staring at you closely through the night. Now we're both pretty hard punk rockers so we aren’t spooked by much and besides our two googly-eyed Boston Terriers Obviously had our backs ...sleeping on our backs.
After the first week we gathered everything in that room and decided to sleep upstairs for now on that was too much creepy sounds and it was getting colder.
There was a narrow stairway‏ shut behind an old wood door with no lights to contend with going between floors, Sometimes we'd wash our mohawk’s out the next morning to avoid going down there at all. We started thinking the house was sinking but it was just the kitchen that was crooked 20 degrees so you were always dizzy in it and the fridge would slide into you if you opened it too fast.
One Night I'm randomly awake staring at tv static listening to the house crack from the storm outside, we slept by the tv all night watching vhs tapes. I looked over at my girlfriend, she was asleep still, her mohawk still perfect from avoiding the hallway to the shower, I laid my head back down closing my eyes. Suddenly I hear the door to the downstairs creep open and I figure its probably just a dog but I could feel them both sleeping on me. I start moving my head back to look over at the door and I froze when I saw it wide open. I looked down and There was a small pale nude person on all fours crouched down like a crab with an upside down head and no hair, my eyes were heavy and I blinked slowly from being so tired... I heard a soft thumping of it moving towards me with a sudden stop in the sound I finished opening my eyes. Its staring at me, no further than an inch or two with a sunken nose cavity, and two enlarged eyes with no skin around them.
Staring intently, I was frozen and my mind was complete blank as I looked at it, I'd never in my life had no thoughts, I suddenly lose sight of everything and black out.
I'm drinking coffee the next day and the whole event came rushing back to me, I start describing everything to my girlfriend frantically now we're both scared and think it was just a really bad dream, Except I've never felt any dream quite like that or so frighteningly detailed. The following week the house was alive with sounds and strange events we couldn't explain. We ended up moving out one morning after another night full of strange happenings, I paid cash and moved us out completely by the afternoon into a new apartment far away.

Johnny Strange

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