The Missing Case of Todd Wilkins


  1. I am the captain of a medium size commercial fishing ship for more than 30 years.
  2. I've seen my fair share of strange shit during our expedition but this is by far the strangest.
  3. On the 15th of May 1996, Todd Wilkins, one of my crew mate went missing.
  4. Todd was a good kid. Quiet and hardworking.
  5. Though sometimes it feels like he has a screw loose somewhere, his heart is in the right place and all the crew loves him. He's part of our family.
  6. It was a calm and cold Wednesday night. All the crew has retreated into their bunker after a long day of hard work.
  7. I remember the cold wind brushing across my face while I was sipping my hot blueberry herbal tea on the deck.
  8. I was in a zen-like state until I saw a hand hanging on the rail. I froze for a moment. I thought I was hallucinating...
  9. I didn't sound the alarm because I thought one of my crew could've fallen off the deck...But logic smacked me right in the face.
  10. I've been sitting on the deck for hours and none of the crewmates was there. As I was debating internally, someone or something had pulled itself up to the deck.
  11. I don't know how to describe this. It was long and dark with a humanoid-like shape...slithering across the deck like a snake...
  12. Knowing that there is an intruder and it might be a potential threat, I sounded the alarm immediately.
  13. The loud blare of the alarm must've spooked the creature as it slithered out of sight.
  14. Within minutes, the crew came bursting out the door, thinking that a storm might be coming or something.
  15. I tried to explain as rational as possible so that I wouldn't sound like a crazy old fart. But judging by their confused expression, I wasn't doing a really good job.
  16. Nevertheless, I've instructed them to search the whole ship and after hours of searching, nothing suspicious was found.
  17. The crew must've thought that I was hallucinating after drinking my favourite tea and I doubted myself as well. 
  18. The next day we were ready to head back and one of the crew noticed Todd was missing.
  19. His belongings were left in his room, covered in a transparent slimy substance. We search the whole ship and there were no signs of struggle.
  20. *No, not kind of dirty-minded slimy substances that some of you are thinking about.*
  21. No one saw him left his room. The only thing out of the ordinary was the same transparent slimy substance found on the rail and deck.
  22. I knew I wasn't hallucinating. Whatever I saw that night was real, and it has somehow taken our beloved Todd. We were devastated.
  23. As soon as we reached the port, we immediately filed a missing person report. 
  24. But sadly the investigation determined that there was no evidence of foul play in Todd’s disappearance and the case was closed...I'm sorry Todd.

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