The Old House On The Corner : Halloween Day 30

Bonus Story: @JRW-98

Storytime. One summer, me and my friend were hanging out skating, smoking, and drinking, when we had this idea to break into his moms old house, and stay the night there smoking and drinking. We headed on our way and skated (he biked) all the way there (about 3-4 miles, not bad) and when we got there, we found that the power was still on. We chilled inside for a while and when it got dark we called a friend to come hang out with us. He proceeded to bring his PS3 and money, and we ended up ordering pizza to a vacant house. In the morning, I woke up to voices, but my friends were asleep. I look out the window, and there are people outside. I woke my friends up and then we waited till they left and we cleaned everything up and got the fuck out of there.

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