Witch Window

Another legendary American witch, the Bell Witch, is said to haunt Adams, TN. The haunting traces to 1817, when farmer John Bell saw a strange animal in his cornfield, one with the head of a rabbit and the body of a dog. Startled, he shot it several times. The animal vanished. That night, loud banging was heard on the walls of the house, and from that day forward, the entity known as the Bell Witch has haunted the land.
Over time, the witch became stronger, manifesting as a coherent voice carrying on full conversations. It pulled covers off people at night, and violently beat people. General Andrew Jackson had a run-in with the entity, when he and his men spent a night at the farm to investigate. John Bell's death has even been attributed to the witch.
To this day, strange phenomenon have been reported on the land where once stood the Bell Farm. Spirit orbs and strange photographs have been taken. Disembodied voices are heard, and strange candlelights are sometimes seen dancing through the field at night.

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