Someone found a 'Witch Bottle' by the Mississippi River with teeth and hair inside

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Someone found a 'Witch Bottle' by the Mississippi River with teeth and hair insideWhile relic hunting in the mud of Algiers Point, a 52-year-old relic hunter found an eerie glass bottle filled with human hair, a tooth, a pincher beetle, and possibly urine. According to his facebook post, There used to be a home in the mid-1800s and such object may have been used as a protection spell for the property. Or it could have been used in voodoo to curse someone. Either way, it is a rare, creepy-cool find for him.

Needless to say, friends In the comments were far more concerned, where one user wrote "Dude put it back. I cannot stress to you enough to put it the f*ck back,’ and another: ‘This year has been bad enough – put it back dude! Put it back!!".

He isn't currently sure what he's going to do with the bottle, but is considering donating it to a museum, reports

Experts from New Orleans Pharmacy Museum and the Historic New Orleans Collection museum have shown interest in the discovery, though both claimed they had never heard of witch bottles before.

Well, as my old pappy used to say; "Son, don't take weird shit from weird places. If you intervene in its purpose, you bet your ass something bad is gonna happen to you or to someone else. Now put it back before I beat your tail her right in front of god."

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