Haunting in my apartment

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What would you do if something scary happens to you and you can't explain it rationally?

What would you do if something scary happens to you and you cannot explain it rationally?

I would like to share a story that happened to me and my best friend.

I was around 17 years old and I lived with my dad, because of money problems. I was laying on the couch in the living room of an apartment. I think it was around 2 am, I decided to go to sleep and turned off the lights. As soon as I did that, I got goosebumps all over my body and I felt a very uncomfortable presence behind me (to the point that I just started crying, but I was still calm). Out of fear I decided to go to my dad's room and sleep with him. When I got on to the bed, I felt the presence from the corner near the door to the living room. At first, I was nervous, but as time went on I got more and more uncomfortable, to the point that I couldn't sleep. I was exhausted and I needed to sleep. So I started praying. When I finished the prayer, the presence was gone.

I felt a sense of relief washed over me. But little did I know, it was just the beginning of my horrifying experience. All of a sudden, my dad started convulsing in his sleep. I woke him up and he was just fine. He told me that it's just a nightmare and he went back to sleep. Shortly after that, I felt the presence back again in the corner. I tried so hard to ignore it but clearly it was not going away. The feeling of dread spread through me and I just couldn't take it anymore, so I started berating it. When it went away, my dad started convulsing again. I screamed at the top of my lungs, "STOP! STOP! STOP! FUCKING STOP!". That's when my dad woke up and asked me why was I so shaken. I told him everything (it was about 4 AM) and then I fell asleep. 

The next thing I remember was me laying on the couch where I usually sleep and I was looking at the door to the kitchen, a scrawny hand started appearing. It was the hand of an old woman in grey robes. She got out of the kitchen and she was smiling. As soon as she looked at me, I heard a voice telling me "sometimes people experience heavy emotions and without knowing they charge objects with it", as I looked confused, sitting in the middle of the room. Then I noticed, by my side, there was an old man dressed like a farmer (with a poncho and a sun hat) working on something and he continued "then all we have to do is get rid of that objects" and all of sudden I woke up, sitting in the same position. I must be dreaming or hallucinating. My dad was saying goodbye to me as he was going to work.

I packed my clothes and left my home as soon as I could. I went to my best friend's house, where I showered and changed. When he told me that he had a "sleep paralysis" episode and didn't sleep well, I felt a sense of dread. Then I told him the part about the hand and the old woman ( I vaguely describe the old woman and her motions). He got silent and asked me "did she have grey robes and was she smiling?".* He struggled to control the quiver in his voice and I, on the other hand almost had a panic attack. I was shocked and asked him how did he know that? He then told me that his sleep paralysis was about the same old woman.

We were baffled as we struggled to find a connection to our haunting. After putting our heads together, we found out that the presence was in my bracelet. It was given by a woman I met while traveling the southern part of my country. We burned it immediately and instantly felt a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders.

Moral of the story? Don't take shit from strangers, you might never know what is attached to it. 👻


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